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ALTe Technologies Participates At The First Eco Rally For EV Vehicles On Jeju Island, South Korea

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ALTe participated in Jeju Island's first Eco Rally for EV vehicles at the end of September in South Korea. The event hosted over 40 EV entrants and one plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, ALTe’s range extended F150 pickup. ALTe showcased the F-150 Range Extender Electric Vehicle (REEV) pickup during the event, completing the drive with only one plug-in charge and using the onboard electric power generator. ALTe's pickup truck was the only commercial vehicle entry at the South Korean Eco Rally. The REEV pickup demonstrated the benefits of REEV technology and how REEV can bridge the lack of recharging infrastructure and reduce the cost of high cost batteries. Korea TV and radio extensively covered the event, including a televised race program which aired on October 12 on the JIBS network. Presentations and meetings surrounding the event helped to raise awareness about ALTe and its product capabilities.

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